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About our Casting Company & Casting Director

Good Faith Casting has been in business for over 20 years casting all across the Southwest market for film, television & commercials. ​Good Faith Casting has its headquarters office/studio in Arizona and regional offices in New Mexico and Los Angeles. Good Faith Casting is trusted by clients for its particular brand of casting which is known for efficiency and integrity which has made it the "go to" source for casting in the Southwest.

Bella Hibbs is the Owner and Casting Director at Good Faith Casting who specializes in principal casting for Film and TV in Arizona, New Mexico, Los Angeles and across the Southwest. Based in Arizona, Bella Hibbs has over 10 years of casting experience and is a member of the Arizona Production Association (APA) and the American Federation of Advertising/PHX Ad Club. Bella Hibbs grew up in Arizona and is well-known for her casting work across the Southwest and her support for enhancing the Film/TV industry in the region.

Bella Hibbs has recently cast for HBO's Duster series and UMC's Monogamy Season 3, and films such as Hallmark's Holiday in Santa Fe. She also recently served as the head casting director on Rob Schneider's new comedy, Daddy Daughter Trip

Bella Hibbs

Casting Director

Good Faith Casting

Casting is about discovering what makes a person unique and then finding a way to show that on camera so that the client can see the spirit of the actor.

Providing industry-leading casting services, technology, and facilities.

Bringing you the best talent to support you and your vision.

Creating an intentionally diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where people can bring their stories to life. 

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