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Bella Hibbs
Casting Director
Good Faith Casting

Casting is more than just putting actors on tape, it is about bringing your story to life with the right actors!


Good Faith Casting has been in business for over 20 years casting across the Southwest market for film, television & commercials. Bella Hibbs is the owner and casting director at Good Faith Casting.


Phoenix casting director good faith cast
Image by Alexander Dummer
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Good Faith Casting is a full-service casting company to help with all your Film, TV, and Commercials casting needs in Arizona, New Mexico, LA, and more!


  • Principals for Film

  • Principals for Television 

  • Star Attachments

  • Principals for Commercials & Print

Casting Director:  

  • Bella Hibbs


  • Scottsdale Arizona (headquarters office)

  • Los Angeles, California (regional office)

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico (regional office)

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Producers & Directors Only:


** Please note: we don't take cold calls from actors. Please visit the Actor Resources page for more information on casting breakdowns.

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