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Guide to Hiring an Arizona Casting Director for Film & TV

Bella Hibbs, Casting Director, Good Faith Casting
Bella Hibbs, Casting Director

Good Faith Casting is a full-service casting company to help with all your Film, TV, and Commercials casting needs in Arizona. We created this guide to help our busy clients understand the casting director hiring process and the casting process to make your project a success.

What services can we help you with?

  • Principals Casting for Film

  • Principals Casting for Television

  • Principals Casting for Commercials & Print

  • Star Attachments

What does the hiring process look like?

When hiring Good Faith Casting for your casting needs in Arizona, it will be an easy four-step process. This guide will walk you through those steps.

  • Step 1: Client Inquiry

  • Inquire By Email:

  • Inquire By Phone: 480-318-5767 (Bella Hibbs Cell Phone - for client use only*)​

  • Inquire By Form: Click Here

  • Step 2: Discovery Call

  • Once we have received the questionnaire we set up a discovery call to discuss any last details and character description. We are then able to build a casting quote to fit your project.

  • Step 3: Services Confirmation

  • Once our casting rate is approved we will send a casting contract. 50% deposit is required at time of signed contract for new clients

  • Step 4: Delivery of Services

  • Once we receive the green light to proceed casting we will start prepping and casting your project based on the agreed timeline presented.​

What does the casting process look like?

Once you've hired Good Faith Casting for your casting needs in Arizona, our Casting Director Bella Hibbs will complete the following items to fufill your casting needs. This guide will walk you through those steps.

  • Step 1: Talent Search & Auditions

  • Auditions are uploaded to an online link that you can view and make your selections. We pre-screen talents availability for all production dates this includes callbacks, fittings, and shoot dates.

  • Step 2: Callbacks

  • If your project requires a callback session. We can do it in person or virtual. Virtual callback sessions are still recorded and uploaded to a new callback link. Callbacks are a great way to work with the actor or redirect them.

  • Step 3: Booking Information

  • Once you have selected whom you would like to cast we create a cast list with contact info and clothing sizes. At this point, you can interact with talent directly or casting can send set information. Either way is fine but we ask you to copy casting so we know the information has been sent out.

  • Step 4: Payment for Services

  • Once casting is completed we will send in our invoice and W-9. Payment is due net 30 days.

Recent Arizona Productions

Bella Hibbs of Good Faith Casting is your go-to Casting Director in Arizona and across the Southwest. Here are some recent productions she has cast in Arizona:

Additional Resources

Below is a list of the common Arizona filming locations:

Below are some additional Arizona resources:

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